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Magnetic Cores
Amorphous cores
Ferrite cores and accessoies
Iron powder cores
Permalloy powder cores
Power Inductors
inductor leaded
Toroid Inductors
Power Factor Boost Inductors
Inductors for Class D
Through-Hole Power Inductors
High SRF Power Chip Inductors
High Temperatue Automotive Grade Inductors
SMT Couped Power Inductors
SMT Power Inductors
Power Transformers
PCB mount encapsulated power transformers
Flyback transformers
Forward mode transformers
Planar transformers
Pulse drive transformers
Gate Drive transformers
Isolation transformers
CCFL transformers
Toroid transformers
DC-DC Conveder
DC-DC power module
Current sensors
Hall-effect current sensors
Current transformers
Potential Voltage transformers
Rogowski Current sensor colls
Mag amps current transformers
Split core current transformers
Clamp-on current transformers
Ferrite beads
Ferrite Core
Data line and signal line common mode chokes
Power line common ode chokes
Lc filters
RC filters
RL filters
Telecom filters
RFID magentic absorber sheet
Clamp ferrite core with case
Custom-designed Magnetic Components
Telecom magnetics
PoE transformers
DSL transformers
LAN transformers
Audio transformers
RJ45 magnetics modules
RF magnetics
Ferrite beads
Multi-layer inductors
Chip inductors
Air core springs inductors
Wideband chokes
RF transformers
RFID Ttransponder
Tunable Inductors
NO-magentic Coils
IFT transformers
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RFID transponder
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